︎ Selina F. Doroshenko

Artist + Educator

B. Montreal / Tio’tia:ke
L. Baltimore on Piscataway land




Selina Doroshenko was born and raised in Tio’tia:ke (Montréal), Canada. In 2012, Doroshenko received her BFA in Fibers and Material Practices at Concordia University with Distinction. In 2016, she received her MFA in Multidisciplinary Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Mount Royal School of Art, with Honors and a Certificate in the College Teaching of Art.

Doroshenko’s artwork riffs on identity, social cues and the bustle of the metropolis. She creates work informed by human behavior, mood, attitude, turns of phrase, rhythm of the street, patterns, fluidity, movement, adornment and ornament.

Collaborating with artists on performances such as
Emily Kathleen McIntyre, Yuqi Wang and Marybeth Chew, Doroshenko demonstrates range in her ability to cooperate and create meaningfully with others. In 2012, Doroshenko and McIntyre received the Paul and Gerrie Charette Endowment Bursary Fund Scholarship to attend The Banff Centre’s residency in Experimental Comedy with Michael Portnoy, Ieva Miseviciute and visiting artist Reggie Watts.

Doroshenko’s artworks address hostessing, servitude and emotional labor provided by women and femmes. Her interest in power dynamics has spurred curiosity about existing infrastructure in the landscape, such as power lines, water reservoirs, bridges, telecommunications, electrical towers. She is amazed by our reliance on these lifelines and yet our fierce abuse and neglect of them.

Doroshenko’s recent works, such as her fiber series
No Limits, proudly displays the vulnerability of existing at your full potential, the joy of goalsetting and human achievement, the release of the mortal coil like dropping a shag coat to the floor. 

She has shown her work internationally, in Los Angeles, Kansas City, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Fayetteville, Toronto, Banff, Montréal and Dubai. Her work has been written about in
BmoreArt, The Editorial Magazine and Interfold Magazine. Her performance work, Moon Charm School, was included in the publication Emergency Index Vol.7 by Ugly Duckling Presse. 

She lives in Baltimore, Maryland and creates art in her at-home studio renovated from horse stables. She loves to read, garden, bike, swim and play music.