Selina Doroshenko  
multidisciplinary artist.


I am enamored with fabric’s ability to accept change. 
It transforms, at the molecular level, 
when treated with dyestuff and mordant.
I collect stuff. 
I work with what I’ve got, through drawing, stitching, whatever means, until I have something I think is different enough 
from where it began, where it becomes my own.

Curiously, fabric can transform the wearer’s silhouette and status, from a maid to the belle of the ball.
In Cinderella’s case, her mouse friends come together to recreate her hand-me-down dress into something quite extraordinary. 
Small steps can become tremendous statements, especially if taken on with such care, detail, and gusto.

The task can be taken on venomously, as do her step-sisters and step-mother. 
They use fabric as a means to show wealth and good taste.
Fashion can be wielded as a wicked power, personal style is individual and ever-lasting.



charm, collars, and a foggy lullaby.
staff art show, baltimore museum of art. 

adjunct faculty exhibition.
rosenberg gallery.
goucher college, towson, maryland.

installation images: 

one leg at a time, no no limits, picture day, curly wurly, no limits.


showed the strip, at new works, 
2640 space, baltimore, md. 
article here: https://bmoreart.com/2022/09/new-works-in-a-new-space.html 


various paintings and drawings.
lots of experimenting with marbling, pattern, and surface design.


no limits, solo exhibition.
asanaroots, baltimore city, maryland. 


35mm film photographs, digitally scanned. 
taken in mexico city and baltimore.

something else, entirely.