Selina Doroshenko 

Art ! ! ! 

artist statement.

I love stuff! 
Now, I’m looking at how collected fabrics can make new statements when sewn and pieced together. 
Fabric can make the wearer look like a queen, or a fool. 
Fabric has the power to create and destroy communities and environments.

In turn, my artwork questions value, self-worth,  trash, and treasure. 
My art offers freedom to explore new relationships in textiles, drawing, and new media, and perhaps, even within thy self.



charm, collars, and a foggy lullaby.
staff art show, baltimore museum of art. 

adjunct faculty exhibition.
rosenberg gallery.
goucher college, towson, maryland.

installation images: 

one leg at a time, no no limits, picture day, curly wurly, no limits.


showed the strip, at new works, 
2640 space, baltimore, md. 
article here: 


various paintings and drawings.
lots of experimenting with marbling, pattern, and surface design.


no limits, solo exhibition.
asanaroots, baltimore city, maryland. 


35mm film photographs, digitally scanned. 
taken in mexico city and baltimore.

gif + 35mm.

something else, entirely.